Sunday, 22 June 2014

Chapter 14: Deja Vu

I had a lot of crashes while shooting this, so sorry that it repeats itself. It's fixed now. I hope.

Sabrina restarts her day (after the crash at the end of last chapter), but chooses to perform for tips at the park instead of the beach this time. Maybe we won't run into dying people this time?
That's Tonya Tamarind, there! Savannah banged her.

Sabrina re-restarts her day, and heads to the park again. This time there's a bigger crowd. That's Hazel Hoffman in the background there, the one who died last chapter.

Sabrina re-re-restarts her day (grr), this time staying at home. I sit there on speed 3, and notice she's autonomously doing laundry! Maybe it's the neurotic trait? Perhaps she's worried about germs?

 I lost count of which restart this is, but this is the neurotic trait making her want to 'brush her chompers' three times. Chompers? Not heard that one before. We call them 'tegs' here.

I let her do it, because sims brushing their teeth is SO CUTE! She manages to not set off the trap that either she or Sahara set on that sink.

I cave and send him the money. Though that's one expensive ticket! And if I was him I'd've rounded it up to 80 so I had snack money. Idiot.

I'd like to add that Savannah and Suzuki woohoo about eight times a day. It's sweet how much they love each other :)

Neurotic trait makes Sabrina check the stove and the sinks constantly. That's cute too! I decided I love the neurotic trait :)
:D I've never had a sim anniversary before!!

Sabrina leaves her parents alone for the day. If they 'get it on' eight times a day on a normal day, I don't think she wants to know what happens on their anniversary.

 Well done! You've learnt grammar! But no. You must be about to age up, so you can hack it out until the end.

LOL! Someone went into labour and all the old women crowded round in panic.
She had twin girls. Then like 2 hours later I got a notification that she was pregnant. o.o SP is definately working!

And then my camera zoomed out...

Oh Savannah, don't do this to me!!
I eventually unpaused the game. I originally paused it to let the textures load, but I think I needed the time to come to terms with what was happening anyway.

Suzuki looks shell shocked. Like he was having a healthy anniversary breakfast with his wife and then his world crashed down around him...
Sav's tattoos are gone D:

Thankfully, she didn't drop down and beg on the floor. I think I'd've quit without saving if she did. She seemed like she was ready as she shook Grimmy's hand.

Suzuki: Mr. Grim Reaper, sir... Why my beautiful Savannah? I'm older than she is!
Grim: Because you spent your life eating healthy and working out, she spent hers drinking and sleeping around.

Grim: I can tell you're distraught, so I'll just help with the chores a little then leave you be.
Suzuki: Thank you, Mr. Reaper. It means a lot.

 Sabrina: Dad! I got here as soon as I could! You sounded so upset on the phone, and you know how neurotic I can get and I panic and always think the worst. It's raining real hard out and the taxi-
Suzuki: Rina.... Honey....

Sabrina: Dad? Daddy, what is it?
Suzuki: *sigh, sniff*

Sabrina: Daddy! Talk to me! *shakes Suzuki*

Suzuki: *sniff* Rina, babygirl, it's your mother.... *sob*

Sabrina: Mummy....
Suzuki: Oh honey, I'm so glad you didn't have to witness it! My beautiful Savannah! She loved you, you know?

Sabrina: I loved her too. *sob* And I love you, daddy.
Suzuki: *squeezes tight* I love you too, babygirl.

RIP Savannah Silhouette. Founder of this legacy, living her youth to the max before settling down with her devoted husband and loving children, you shall be sorely missed.
(Notice the flowers are blue and pink to match her colour scheme?)
And she got the medium grave! All my sims have only ever got the sad little paving slab thing. My legacy goal is to get at least one good grave!
*Is over it faster than you'd expect*

Suzuki's moodlet panel. Showing the heartbroken 'my wife just died' moodlet alongside the wedding anniversary one. As if you'd be happy about your wedding anniversary after that?

The next morning, one of Suzuki's friends, who Sabrina met briefly at the park the day before, pops over to console the family. Sabrina answers the door and he gives her flowers, immediately turning it into a date (ok so I invited him over and kinda hoped this would happen but shh!!).
His name is Alonso Candelaria, and he's currently dating Leilani Kahale (the girl who's always on again off again with Kiwi Hale). I don't care.

Neither does Sabrina, or Alonso, it would seem.


Sabrina: Hey, so you know my mum just died and I could do with some cheering up...

Apparently Alonso is a never-nude! I hate that trait, but he does have appropiately coloured shorts.

Sabrina: Why don't I feel any better? *sob* I'm so numb inside, mama!

OH NO! Not so close together! My poor heir-
Grim: Relax! I'm here for the stray dog.

 Suzuki: Why is my old friend Alonso here? And why is his hair wet...?
Sooks, you don't want to know. o_o

...Hey! He's going up to heaven!
.....Savannah went down.... Is she in hell? D':

But before Grim could answer me, my game crashed. I can almost garentee that I saved right after the shower woohoo, so I've lost like a sim-hour if that. My game is fixed, and personally I'm blaming grimmy showing up twice in one play session for the crash.

Some random bits:
O.o Does that mean he shat himself?! Ew!!

Savannah gives birth to baby number two, and now has a girl and a boy. Also, do EA think it's cool to misspell every damn name?! I need to get that name tuning file set up now I have SP.

Suzuki broke my heart and rolled this wish BEFORE GRIMMY EVEN LEFT!! I didn't lock it.

Nooooo!!! Think of the children!!! But I think this happened after I last saved, so maybe they're still all happy. I'm not fussed if they do break up, they've got two kids together and the novelty of having a living town hasn't worn off yet and I love all the notifications, but I'll likely limit them soon because I'm currently getting everything everyone does.


  1. Yes! The Neurotic Trait is seriously fun. Click on her and she can do a freak out that gives her a positive moodlet lasting for 8 hours. :D

    LOL at Sam forever calling home! Poor kid. NOT.

    Sabrina's misadventures with her audience is fantastic. Death, birth, big, little, never a dull moment. I'd have been fascinated with laundry too if I were her.

    Awww, Grimmy is even helping out. RIP Savannah. You were one of the coolest colorful sims ever.

    Alonso's shorts are a sign. It's meant to be. Totes.

    Lol at personal foul! Ha!

    Have you ever downloaded the EA name list and gone through it? It's seriously awful.

    You can also slow down the speed of the stories and won't get as many. Though limiting it to friends and family limits it even better.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip! I'll use that one when she's in a bad mood :)

      Lol! I have this awful feeling that him coming home was causing crashes... But then I may have got past that, I don't know. We'll have to see because it's been too long to remember.

      Lol. I am loving this magician career, I've used showtime so little and I need to put some performance lots in...

      Yeah, Grim's a nice guy really. RIP Savannah, I hate that your ghost doesn't have tattoos :(

      Haha, it's some sort of sign, anyway....

      Yeah, ick :(

      No, I've never realised how awful they are until they all pop up at the side... Need to sort.

      Yeah, but I want to build the town up a bit before I slow them. And limiting to friends and family would knock out all our simselves and my Kaity and Winter! I need to know what they're all doing!

  2. I suppose technically ghosts don't have skin? So nothing for the tattoo to stick to, lol Though it is a pity, I liked her tattoos too. RIP Savannah--she had the coolest hair!

    I keep thinking that Sabrina needs to wash her face, she's got lime pie all over her, lol Then I remember, oh yeah--it's her lipstick! :P

    I've never had a kid call home like Sam did, how funny!

    And what's this about simselves? You all have simselves somewhere?

    As for SP---I like to change it from the default speed to slow, and if my town is really crowded, snail pace, haha. It still keeps the town going, but slows down the babies! =)

    I hope you're able to get back to simming soon--I look forward to many updates when you do. =D